An analysis of the code of professional conduct

In addition to meeting the aspirational goals set forth above, a lawyer also should render public interest and pro bono legal service: Trial counsel for a convicted defendant should continue to represent the client by advising whether to take an appeal and, if the appeal is prosecuted, by representing the client through the appeal unless new counsel is substituted or withdrawal is permitted by the appropriate court.

Selection of a Lawyer EC Formerly a potential client usually knew the reputations of local lawyers for competency and integrity and therefore could select a practitioner in whom he or she had confidence.

Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

Notwithstanding DR [ Likewise, a lawyer should decline employment if the intensity of personal feelings, as distinguished from a community attitude, may impair effective representation of a prospective client.

EC As a part of the legal profession's commitment to the principle that high quality legal services should be available to all, lawyers are encouraged to cooperate with qualified legal assistance organizations providing prepaid legal services.

ET Section 100

EC The name under which a lawyer practices may be a factor in the selection process. Advancement of the Profession Responsibility to recognize and respect intellectual property developed or owned by others and to act in an accurate, truthful, and complete manner in relation to all professional work and research activities.

An individual in a position to influence the attest engagement or any partner in the office in which the lead attest engagement partner primarily practices in connection with the attest engagement has a close relative who had A key position with the client; or A financial interest in the client that i Was material to the close relative and of which the individual or partner has knowledge; and i Enabled the close relative to exercise significant influence over the client.

Revised, Julyto reflect conforming changes necessary due to the revision of interpretation Regardless of personal feelings, a lawyer should not decline representation because a client or a cause is unpopular or community reaction is adverse.

A fee may properly be divided between lawyers properly associated if the division is in proportion to the services performed by each lawyer or, by a writing given to the client, each lawyer assumes joint responsibility for the representation and if the total fee is reasonable.

Responsibility to respect their trust and the privileges granted with that trust. EC Whether a lawyer acts properly in volunteering in-person advice to a non-lawyer to seek legal services depends upon the circumstances. The firm provides the individual with an office and related amenities for example, secretarial and telephone services.

Code of Professional Conduct

In administrative agency proceedings, contingent fee contracts should be governed by the same considerations as in other civil cases. Each lawyer should aspire to provide at least 20 hours of pro bono services annually by providing legal services at no fee and without expectation of fee to: The historical bases of their acceptance are that 1 they often, and in a variety of circumstances, provide the only practical means by which one having a claim against another can economically afford, finance, and obtain the services of a competent lawyer to prosecute a claim, and 2 a successful prosecution of the claim produces a fund out of which the fee can be paid.

A firm's independence will be considered to be impaired with respect to a client if a partner or professional employee leaves the firm and is subsequently employed by or associated with that client in a key position unless all the following conditions are met: Recognition of Legal Problems EC The legal professional should help the public to recognize legal problems because such problems may not be self-revealing and often are not timely noticed.


It is important to differentiate these: a code of ethics is 'comprised of visionary statements regarding the normative and ethical aspects of the profession' While a code of conduct has 'certain guidelines/regulations for professional behavior including conflict of.

The Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct (Code and Standards) are the ethical benchmark for investment professionals around the globe. As a CFA Institute member or CFA Program candidate, you are required to follow the Code and Standards.

Rules of Professional Conduct On May 10,the California Supreme Court issued an order approving new Rules of Professional Conduct, which will go into effect November 1, The current rules remain in effect until then. [Paragraph added by adoption of the Code of Professional Conduct on January 12, Revised, effective June 30,by the Professional Ethics Executive Committee.

Rules of Professional Conduct

Revised, Novembereffective January 1,with earlier application encouraged, by the Professional. The CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct (Code and Standards) are fundamental to the values of CFA Institute and essential to achieving its mission to lead the investment profession globally by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society.

AN ANALYSIS OF THE CODE OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT AND ETHICS OF IPRA AND CERP IN RELATION WITH THAT OF NIPR ABSTRACT Professional code of conduct and ethics has come to stay with all professions who wish to promote healthy relationship and commitment of its member.

PROFESSIONAL AND ETHICAL COMPLIANCE CODE An analysis of the code of professional conduct
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