Corporate finance syllubus

Deals with quantitative techniques used by financial managers and investors in global financial markets.

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The use of risk neutral approach, binomial and Black-Scholes models in real option valution. If a problem arises, contact me either in person or via telephone. An arrangement whereby a student is permitted to develop an advanced phase of finance not offered in the formally structured courses or to investigate a finance problem, a written report is required.

Corporate Finance - Syllabus

Put-call parity and its application to the corporation: Our investment banking courses are offered in a convenient, fast-track schedule with personalized instruction by senior investment bankers. No arbitrage rule and the principle of tracking replicating portfolio.

Corporate Finance Overview

The materials include overviews of corporate finance and financial accounting, along with Excel basics and shortcuts. Manage, monitor and invest real money provided by the State of Wyoming and the University of Wyoming Foundation.

Stand - alone value of the target and of the buyer. Topics covered include fundamental behavioral biases, behavioral asset pricing, investor behavior, and consequences of irrationality to financial markets at the aggregate level. Financial Theory and Corporate Policy. The main objective of the course is to provide the conceptual background for corporate financial analysis from the point of corporate value creation.

In addition, the textbook for the course is the tenth edition of Principles of Corporate The trade-offs theory of capital structure.

Corporate Finance

Cross listed with MGT Where Theory Meets Practice. The arbitrage price theory with no-firm specific risk.

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Empirical research on distribution policies. Provides an introduction to financial futures such as currency futures and interest rate futures. Strategic options of the corporation and the limitations of DCF analysis.

Investment Management and Analysis. The middle part of the course concentrates on alternative risk financing techniques for hazard risk, including insurance, self-insurance, retrospective rating, reinsurance, captives and contractual risk transfer.

The debt tax shield. Bankers Schedule Corporate Training Investment Banking Course Syllabus Receive the hands-on investment banking education you need to advance your career in finance. Admission to the MS program or permission of the Department Head. Corporate Value Creation and Corporate Control.

Net present value rule of corporate analysis. We will go over how LearnSmart works on the first day of class. Why is Finance Corporate.

You may also find the solutions manual to this textbook to be helpful; a copy is on reserve in the library.

Investment Banking Course Syllabus

Corporate Governance and Corporate Value. The sources for positive net present values. The first part of the course provides a broad overview of risk financing as one potential risk treatment technique and explains how organizations should examine risk financing alternatives in light of all its risks, including both pure and speculative risks.

Analytical Issues and Investment Opportunities. It provides necessary knowledge in evaluating different management decisions and their influence on corporate performance and value.

Empirical tests on APT:. The objective of this course is to provide students with detailed knowledge of corporate structures, valuation methods, project finance, risk management practices, corporate governance issues, and geo-political risks in the energy industry.

FINC Intermediate Corporate Finance Working capital management, advanced capital budgeting, lease versus buy analysis, dividend policy, capital structure theory, long-term sources of finance and contingent claim as they apply to corporate financial management.

Corporate Finance Summer 2 PART 1: COURSE DETAILS CONTACT INFORMATION INSTRUCTOR Instructor: Andrew Morriss Office Hours: Online office hours are by appointment and will use the Blackboard Collaborate feature for meeting live.

Finance graduates who complete courses in the corporate finance track enjoy a broad range of careers within Fortune companies and smaller businesses. Opportunities are abundant and include financial analyst, business consultant, corporate treasurer, and data analyst positions, among others.

corporate finance syllabus and outline spring To give you the big picture of corporate finance so principles that govern corporate finance. which costs 10% instead of. Corporate finance will address these issues to help managers make value-enhancing decisions.

This business and management course will introduce you to the role of corporate finance in an organization and the tools used to evaluate investment proposals.

Corporate finance syllubus
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